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Although we do encourage you to try our 247Doctors.net Discount Health Plan and Discount Health Card for some of the best Discount Health Benefits in America; you also have the option of downloading an absolutely free prescription card instantly by visiting our page 247doctors.net/freeprescriptioncard.

It is again, so important, that all Americans have access to some level of health benefits and at bare minimum everyone should be entitled to discounts at their local pharmacies (whether it's just a small local location or a national chain).

At 247doctors.net/freeprescriptioncard you will be able to learn more about our free prescription benefits at absolutely no cost or risk to you. You can download the card instantly and start using it right away. It could be a great compliment to your current health insurance and amazing tool if you have been denied health insurance or if you simply cant afford it or perhaps if you have preexisting conditions.

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247Doctors.net is an Affordable Discount Health Plan that is special and different from almost all other Discount Plans available to consumers. The plan is built around our Discount Health Card. It is a great compliment for people that have health insurance, for a number of reasons. It is also a powerful tool for people that don't have health insurance because they were either declined for preexisting conditions or couldn't afford it because these days health insurance is not very affordable. It also serves as a wonderful compliment to Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance because Guaranteed Issue Insurance does not help much with the day-to-day needs of the typical American consumer. The idea here is not only to bring a variety of health benefits to all Americans, but to deliver the cutting edge of technology at an affordable price to Consumers. The focal point of our Discount Health Plan is a Telehealth or Telemedicine service called Consult a Doctor. Not many Americans have heard of Telehealth and Telemedicine and even less have access to it; but 247Doctors.net is working to bring this money saving, convenient, cutting edge technology to every American. To learn more about 247Doctors.net and Telehealth you can navigate to 247doctors.net/telehealth or 247doctors.net/consult-a-doctor.

Our Discount Health Plan includes several components that make it special and stand out from all competition. Just a few notable points are:

  • 24/7 Doctors by Phone and Email
  • Unlimited Doctor Consultations
  • Instant access to Physicians
  • All Doctors are US Based and Board Certified
  • Unlimited and Instant Access to Specialists
  • Basic Prescriptions, such as Antibiotics, Right over the Phone
  • A Dental Plan that Encompasses over 92,000 Dental Practices Nationwide
  • A Vision Plan that Provides for Discounts at over 12,000 Locations
  • A Prescription Plan that is Good at more than 60,000 Pharmacies
  • A Health and Wellness Plan that Includes Discounts on Vitamins
  • A Hearing Plan offering Deep Savings on Hearing Aids
  • Steep Discounts on Diabetic Products
  • Access to a Vast Database of Information on all Health Related

This and much more is available for only $29.95 per month and at the moment we are waiving the first month so that you can try it for free. The only cost is $7.95 for shipping and handling. Navigate to 247doctors.net/freetrial to try it out. Our Discount Health Plan boasts a 100% approval rating. Absolutely nobody is denied no matter what preexisting conditions you may have. Furthermore, this is a Family Discount Health Plan. There is no extra charge or extra cost to add family members. There are no lower tier plans like "gold" or "silver" because 247Doctors.net believes everyone should have only the best. Go to 247doctors.net/freetrial now to try it out and see how you like having unlimited doctor consultations at no additional cost.

If you would like to find some providers in your area you can visit www.locateproviders.com and type in group code 33487 or just visit this link http://locateproviders.com/(S(ifyxeliiqhdrz5451vqpkjih))/index.aspx. This site will give you every location in your area. You can login and search. Try it. Remember, the 247Doctors.net network of providers is so big because we have over 40 Million Americans that use at least one component of this affordable and complete discount health plan. That means buying power and in turn big savings and deep discounts on prescriptions, cosmetics, vitamins, dental work, eye glasses, Lasik, diabetic supplies, hearing supplies, teeth whitening, doctor consultations, and much, much more.

If you came to our page looking for health insurance we encourage you to learn a little more about health insurance at www.healthinsurance.org or perhaps visit Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_insurance. If you came to shop health insurance quotes you can try visiting www.ehealthinsurance.com.
247Doctors.net has no affiliation with any of the aforementioned sites, but the goal is to make every consumer a more informed one.

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